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  • Kanna curious?

    Kanna curious?

    The Japanese wooden hand plane, called a kanna, seems a bit more mysterious to the western woodworker. In learning more, one might fall for several misconceptions about these tools. Here, I try to address some of these misconceptions first and then talk about what you should consider when trying to get one to work

  • Darwin’s Hand planes

    Darwin’s Hand planes

    Diversity in nature arises from genetic variation and fitness selection. While evolution applies to biology, the study of how man-made objects disappear or emerge provides insight into fitness landscape of market, or simply the societal context, changes with time. In that light, I think the study of western versus Japanese woodworking hand planes provides an…

  • Kanna Kabinet

    Kanna Kabinet

    In the interest of creating a home for some Japanese kannas that protects them from fluctuations in humidity, I decided to build a small cabinet to fit about 6 kannas for finish planing in the space between the bigger hanging tool chest and a side wall. To tie in the design with the larger cabinet,…