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  • Kanna curious?

    Kanna curious?

    The Japanese wooden hand plane, called a kanna, seems a bit more mysterious to the western woodworker. In learning more, one might fall for several misconceptions about these tools. Here, I try to address some of these misconceptions first and then talk about what you should consider when trying to get one to work

  • Putting chisels to the test

    Putting chisels to the test

    Early on in ones journey as a woodworker in the West, one hears the siren song of Japanese chisels. The only reason that one should own western chisels is if you like to sharpen tools. That’s a bit of an exaggeration but has a bit of truth to it. One of the challenges with purchasing…

  • Ebonizing wood

    Ebonizing wood

    A formal event calls for the elegance of a black dress or well-tailored black suit. The point of clothing made from black fabric is that it doesn’t have the distraction of a pattern or varying color pallet. In composing your outfit, a fine necklace or tie can provide a singular focal point. In creating a…

  • Darwin’s Hand planes

    Darwin’s Hand planes

    Diversity in nature arises from genetic variation and fitness selection. While evolution applies to biology, the study of how man-made objects disappear or emerge provides insight into fitness landscape of market, or simply the societal context, changes with time. In that light, I think the study of western versus Japanese woodworking hand planes provides an…

  • Montani semper liberi

    Montani semper liberi

    Earlier this summer before going to bed, I decided to turn on the TV and see what still comes over the airwaves. Well Public Broadcasting does and to my delight, it was a show from West Virginia PBS on woodworking. The theme of the show was to embrace Appalachian heritage by examining a regional piece…